VW Hire and Hairdresser for your big Day
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VW Hire
Mob: 07976 250552

VW Wedding Services

We specialise in bridal and wedding hair ups and styling (and other special occasions).
                                        VW Wedding Services provide:
* Hairstylist - fully qualified
* A friendly and professional service.
* Hairstyling in the comfort of your home or chosen venue  
   for trials and on your wedding day to ensure your preparation
   is hassle free and enjoyable.
* Competitive prices
Before your wedding day...

Trial run for Hair
This should be at least 6 weeks before your wedding (we recommend - to get a good picture of what you will look like on your big day; book hair and make-up trials for the same day).
During your hair trial we will discuss hairstyles that you like and advise you on styles that will suit you.
Hair Trial Prices
Bride - Hair Up / Half Up                             from £35
Hair Down with curls                                   from £30
Blow dried and Styled                                 from £15
Bridesmaids and Mums Hair Up / Half Up      from £30
Hair Down with Curls                                  from £25
Blow dried and Styled                                 from £15

(if you have hair extensions that you would like to have inserted on the day - there is no extra cost!)
You may try several hairstyles - at no extra cost.

Bookings can be made after a trial run. Please note that a non-refundable deposit is required to secure a wedding day booking.
Hair Package Wedding Day Prices
Bride - Hair Up / Half Up                                from £45
Hair Down with curls                                      from £40
Blow dried and Styled                                    from £30
Bridesmaids and Mums Hair Up / Half Up         from £35
Hair Down with Curls                                     from £30
Blow dried and Styled                                    from £20
Flower girls (under 10)                                   from £15

The wedding day...
We will travel to your home or chosen venue at an agreed time, reproduce your chosen style and ensure that you stay relaxed with plenty of time to spare.
For large bridal parties or when time is limited we will bring an assistant or extra hairdresser if required - no additional cost!